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At X-treme Athletics, our goal is to help you become the best version of yourself. Based on the proven fitness program developed by 8 times CrossFit Games athlete Neal Maddox, our workouts are designed to help athletes of all levels achieve better overall fitness and quality of life. Our passion is to channel our years of experience and competive success into a plan that helps you achieve your results with efficiency and convenience. Functional capacity, eficiency, and resiliency are just a few of the traits you will gain from this world-class program. With realistic goals that will push your limits, we will have you looking and feeling your best in no time.


The maddox team

neal maddox


* Over 20 years of experience in the fitness field
* B.S. in Exercise Science (Linfield College)
* 8x CrossFit Games Competitor
* 2018 CrossFit Games Champion, Masters Age Group 40-44
* Owner X-treme Athletics
* Owner Maddox Method Online Programming
* CrossFit HQ Instructor (coached over 150 seminars)
* Has worked with people from diverse backgrounds including people with

Neal Maddox has been coaching and training diverse populations from professional athletes to people with disabilities, for over twenty years. Using different training methodologies such as strength and conditioning, CrossFit, and various other forms of physical therapy, Neal has been helping others improve their quality of life.

Neal grew up in San Jose, California and attended Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon. As a college athlete, Neal held most of the weightlifting records at the school; so naturally, others would seek him out for advice in the gym. This is where he developed a passion for training and helping others. As a college intern, Neal began his personal training career working with individuals with disabilities, including people with Down Syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis. Neal also assisted in developing a Physical Education curriculum for multiple elementary schools in McMinnville, Oregon. He graduated from Linfield College in 1999, with a B.S. in Exercise Science, and began to pursue a career in the NFL.

After several injuries and realizing that the goal of playing professional was slipping away, Neal decided to shift his focus to helping others. Neal began his personal training career in a traditional gym setting where he held the position as a head fitness director where he trained and developed personal trainers as well as individual clients. In 2006 Neal opened his own fitness facility, X-treme Athletics. He also coached high school football, working with several players who would go on to D1 schools, some even making it to the NFL.

In 2009, Neal heard about CrossFit from a friend and decided to get his CrossFit Level 1 Certification. Neal was a judge at the 2009 CrossFit Games in Aromas, California. The following year, Neal decided to compete and try to qualify for the CrossFit Games; each year being the oldest individual athlete in the open division. Over the first three years of competing, Neal had several training partners including Jason Khalipa, Garrett Fisher, Pat Barber, and Miranda Oldroyd.

In 2011, Neal because a CrossFit HQ Instructor, coaching over 150 seminars over the next 4 years. In 2013, Neal decided to outsource his personal CrossFit programming and joined Hyperfit USA. This allowed Neal to shift his focus into his gym and its members, while having someone else behind his programming. This also gave him some new training partners such as Chyna Cho, Jen Smith, and Julie Foucher.

In 2016, Neal took the year off from the CrossFit Games to have foot surgery, from an old football injury. In 2017, Neal decided to compete again, this time in a new 35-39 year old Master’s division. Continuing the trend, Neal competed as the oldest in his age group, just two and a half months shy of turning 40. In 2018, Neal competed and became the Champion of the CrossFit Games Master’s 40-44 division. Currently, Neal is focusing on developing the most effective training program to help others grow as athletes and improve their quality of life.

Tracy Creal


* Over 10 years experience in the fitness industry
* B.A. in Communications (Michigan State University)
* Extensive experience with personal training in different fitness

Tracy’s passion for fitness started in grade school, being an athlete and coach through high school – playing sports including basketball, softball, cross country and track. College sports were put on hold after learning that she herniated a disc (L4/L5) and would need to have surgery at the age of 18. This diversion lead her to learn how to rehab back injuries, something she is extremely good at, and credits CrossFit with building up her core muscles to prevent any further injuries from happening. After pursuing a career in advertising sales and real estate she decided to pursue her true passion and became a personal trainer. Soon afterwards, she was introduced to CrossFit and to Neal, and was hooked (on both!). She has always enjoyed being active and wanted to do something with her life that would help improve other’s lives. She is inspired by seeing clients and members do things that they never though they were capable of.