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The L-sit is an isometric exercise that works the core and arms. It is a static hold where your arms are extended to hold yourself up, and your legs are raised straight out to hip level, so that your body is in an “L position.” By holding yourself up in a pressed out position, the majority of weight is resting on your arms, working your triceps and shoulders. By raising your legs into the “L position,” you are working the abdominal muscles, as well as the hip flexors. Some of the benefits of an L-sit are that it helps to develop midline stability and strength, and it helps to increase an individual’s ability to create midline tension. The L-sit can help increase strength and power in weightlifting and gymnastics, as the core is vital in protecting the spine and generating power in explosive exercises. There are many different variations of the L-sit. Here are a few that we use for the Maddox Method:

  • Parallette L-sit
  • Ring L-sit
  • Box L-sit
  • Hanging L-sit
  • Floor L-sit
  • Single leg floor L-sit

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There are also several ways to modify the L-sit if the more advanced movements are too difficult. If you cannot hold your legs straight out to the front, you can hold your knees up at hip level with your lower leg hanging down at a ninety degree angle. If you have difficulty holding yourself up or hanging, you can do a floor L-sit by keeping your butt on the ground, placing your hands right outside your hips; then raising your legs and holding them off of the ground. To decrease the difficulty even more, you can keep one heel on the ground and just raise one leg at a time. You can increase the difficulty of the floor L-sit by placing your hands further forward of your hips. The L-sit is a great exercise for developing core strength and stability, and improving overall power and explosiveness. There are many different variations and modifications for the L-sit that can benefit everyone from competitive athletes to fitness enthusiasts.


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