Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity

When learning new exercises and movements, or beginning a new training regimen it is important to use proper progressions in order to ensure safety and achieve the necessary training adaptations to improve fitness. CrossFit’s methodology uses the protocol of mechanics, then consistency, and then intensity. 

First, you must learn and understand the proper biomechanical aspects of each movement. Then you must consistently use those proper mechanics on every repetition. Once you can perform the mechanics of the movement on a consistent basis, then you are ready to increase the intensity of your workouts. Intensity can come in the form of heavier loads, increased reps, or faster movement.

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Intensity is what is going to give you the greatest training adaptations. You will burn more calories, and you will be doing more work in less time, therefore improving your fitness. Nonetheless, you should be sure to have the mechanics mastered in order to ensure safety and efficiency. If you try to ramp up the intensity without first learning, and then mastering the mechanics of the movement, that is a recipe for an injury. Safety is always paramount when participating in an exercise and training program. Additionally, proper mechanics will promote proficiency of the movements, which will allow for a better workout.

Learning the mechanics of certain movements may take time, but it is important to have patience before progressing to increased intensity. You want to make sure that you are putting your body through a proper range of motion that will keep you in proper alignment and keep your body from breaking down. Any deviation of the proper biomechanical motion of the movement puts you at risk for injury. If you are injured then you will not be able to workout and you will be decreasing your intensity immensely. It is better to build up to the intensity, making sure you have mastered the movement before increasing loads or performing more reps in a shorter amount of time. The protocol of mechanics, then consistency, and then intensity is the best way to make progress in your training and improve fitness.

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