XX Marks the Spot: Why 20 Sessions May Be The Sweetspot

Twenty of anything seems to be a great number. Andrew Jackson’s face tends to be a pretty site when receiving a bill (although Benjamin Franklin would be nice too) or the feeling of finally leaving your teens behind you. Who would have thought that it also happens to be the most therapeutic amount of consistent daily whole body cryotherapy sessions?

Lubkowska et. Al (2011) conducted a small study showing that 20 sessions of cryotherapy caused blood level changes in pro and anti-inflammatory markers. Specifically, the changes were an increase in anti-inflammatory markers and decrease in pro-inflammatory markers. Lubkowska et. Al (2011) explains that the specific anti-inflammatory marker (IL-6) had marked increases because of its role as a “myokine.” Basically, the release of this anti-inflammatory chemical was a natural response to our body’s ability to shiver automatically in response to the huge change in temperature that is experienced in the chamber! This same chemical increase is seen with exercise, which means it is a perfect adjunct to your daily exercise.

As well, blood lipid levels like total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDLs (bad cholesterol) and HDLs (good cholesterol) changed after 20 sessions of whole body cryotherapy (2010). Changes like a decrease in total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDLs and increases in HDLs were seen after the magic number of 20. Turns out that the ice box is showing to be heart healthy! As we mentioned in an earlier article, Grasso et. Al. (2014) showed results that testosterone levels may increase with the use of cryotherapy. Testosterone is a hormone that is composed of cholesterol. The relationship between the two have not been established, but the two articles appear to support each other.

Come on in and reap the benefits of 20!


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