Be On Time to Your Workouts

Being punctual is a very good characteristic. It shows discipline, courtesy and responsibility, and it proves that you are dedicated and committed to your affairs. When it comes to training in a group class, it is very important to be on time for class. Most gym group classes run for an hour. They are fast-paced, and packed with tasks from start to finish. If you are late to class, it disrupts the flow of the class, and makes it difficult to keep the class running on schedule. It is also rude to your instructor, and to your classmates.

It is important to understand that when you are training in a group environment, your actions and demeanor affect those around you. When you are late, you are disrespecting everyone in the group and basically telling them that you do not value their time, their workout, or their results. Remember it is not just your workout; it is the collective group’s workout that you are late to. If you are late, it may show that you are not taking your commitment to your fitness seriously.

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I’m all for discipline when it comes to tardiness. Being late shows a lack of discipline, so a coach disciplining a tardy individual is not being cruel, but teaching a lesson. A lesson, that obviously needs to be learned, in respect and responsibility. There is no excuse for tardiness. If you are late, do not make excuses. Respectfully accept your discipline, if there is disciplinary action taken, and move on from there. Be respectful of your classmates and do not be disruptive. Last but not least, please do not make it a habit of coming in late. It is a bad habit and it is very disrespectful to everyone involved in the class. Please be courteous to everyone and be on time.

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