Don’t Cheat Yourself: Rep Count and Movement Standards

If you were to ask almost any person who does CrossFit, the number one thing that irks them in the gym is when people do not have integrity with their workouts. This can come in the form of cheating their rep count, not going through a full range of motion for all reps, or inflating their scores on an AMRAP. It is one thing to have trouble counting when you are tired, or having mobility issues and limitations. It is another thing to consciously cut corners in order to improve your scores. To the people who are guilty of this type of behavior I say this: STOP! DON’T CHEAT YOURSELF!

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When it comes to CrossFit training, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, but I think we all can agree on one thing: CROSSFIT IS HARD! With that being said, the last thing we want to see is someone training with us putting up better scores when they didn’t actually earn it.  When someone turns a Filthy Fifty into a Dirty Thirty and goes flying by you in the workout, it can be infuriating. Or when someone puts up 600 reps on a 10-minute AMRAP, that’s kind of hard to believe. That is one rep-per-second! Top scores can also be achieved by not achieving range of motion standards throughout a workout. The half squat and the partially extended press are two of my personal favorites to call out.  If you have limited mobility, then by all means, modify your workout. If you have the ability to achieve full range of motion, please do so! Not only will you get a great workout, you will earn the respect of your peers for performing the movements the way they were designed.

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When people feel the need to cheat their reps or range of motion, all they need to remember is that the challenge that they are going through is the same for every other person in the gym. They will gain greater respect by having integrity in their workout, rather than putting up inflated scores. Most people can tell when you are not completing all the reps or not fulfilling range of motion standards. If you honestly lose count during your workouts, I would suggest getting a pen and notepad out so that you can track your reps during your workout. As far as range of motion standards are concerned, I would suggest slowing the movement down just enough to ensure that you are upholding the standards on every single rep. Above all, remember your workout is a reflection of yourself. If you are not having integrity in your workout, your peers will begin to notice and you will lose respect for your efforts. You might as well do the right thing and suffer alongside them.

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