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The holiday season is around the corner and for many of us this can be a stressful time as we over extend ourselves with responsibilities, family events, work engagements and simply over indulging in decadent treats. Cryotherapy can help prepare your body to manage these life stresses more effectively and with ease. Aside from helping you burn off some extra holiday induced calories – between 500 to 800 per session – it can provide numerous benefits.

ice-cubesAll those special holiday events also mean socializing, being around family, friends and new acquaintances. Unfortunately, this also means you increase your chances of being exposed to germs. Spending the holidays with a nasty cold or flu can be awful and it may keep you from all the festivities. A Cryotherapy session can help your body fight off inflammation, improve circulation, and aid in removing toxins from the body. Scheduling regular Cryotherapy sessions can provide you with the benefits to support preventative care and maintain a strong wellness regime year-round.

This time of the year is joyous for many. Although, with shorter days and less sun, some individuals are susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD. This type of depression typically coincides with the early fall and winter months. Cryotherapy is known to have a positive effect on an individual’s mental state by aiding the body in releasing endorphins during a session in the chamber.

The excitement we experience during the holidays can also bring on feelings of anxiety, stress and insomnia. Cryotherapy has been found to be beneficial in stabilizing these symptoms through ongoing treatments. We also recommend our Photobiomodulation treatment. Photobiomodulation uses a non-invasive, red or infrared light to heal and protect on a cellular level. This can also be paired with a Cryotherapy session to maximize your health benefits


Happy Hour For Your Holiday

CrossFit X-treme Athletics is bringing back Happy Hour on Fridays.

Cryotherapy sessions are only $25.00 during Happy Hour. Share your wellness knowledge with your friends, family and co-workers and invite them to a HAPPY HOUR session. Appointments are not required during these times. Walkins only.




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