How much can junk food ruin your diet


How much can junk food ruin your diet?

For the first time ever, an ultra-processed diet went head to head with an unprocessed diet.

In the study, subjects were provided 2 weeks of an ultra-processed or unprocessed diet before switching to the alternative diet. All meals were designed to matched in macronutrients and energy

The result? Ultra-processed diets resulted in a significant increase in the number of calories consumed which strongly correlated with changes in body weight.

The general take home message? Unprocessed foods are probably (difficult to umbrella term such a wide selection of foods) more satiating than highly processed foods and should be emphasised for weight regulation purposes.

This doesn’t necessarily mean junk food should be strictly avoided (real life isn’t necessarily an either or scenario like this study) but of course, limiting it is sensible even if it is just for appetitie purposes.

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