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Humans are an amazing species; we have never been the strongest, fastest, we don’t make poison or fly. Despite this, human species’ best quality is our adaptability. The human body is in a constant balance of receiving information from the outside and sending a response outwards. The moment you step into CrossFit X-treme’s cryo chambers, it’s no different. Your body is forced to adapt.

The intense cold forces your body to respond by shunting the blood from the skin back to the organs via vasoconstriction, the closing down of the small blood vessels that lie in the skin. Dana (1969) reported a response to cold that quickly follows the vasoconstriction, which is a reactive opening of blood vessels or vasodilation in response to the extreme response. Cholewka et. al. (2011) reports that whole body cryotherapy may contribute to tighter, healthy skin due to this same response. The huge influx of blood nourishes the skin to produce collagen and enhances the transmission of nutrients and oxygen to the dermal cells. As well, there is a shunting of toxins and free radicals away from the skin to be disposed of. Avram (2004) describes cellulite development happening due to the changes of blood vessels at the dermis and the transfer of fluid and chemicals called glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). Although not currently published in scientific literature, anecdotal evidence from our clients and other cyro-spas suggest that whole body cryotherapy may aid in the prevention or reduction of cellulite!

Healthy skin still relies a lot on proper hydration and nutrition, but cryotherapy supports your good decisions by bringing what you intake to the surface. Feel good from within and let the ice bring it out shining!

Next time you want to look cool, perhaps start with a visit to CrossFit X-treme Athletics for a whole body experience or for spot treatment.


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