The Lost Art of Cooking

In my many years in the fitness industry, I have noticed many people have stopped cooking. Two popular responses that I continue to hear are “I hate to cook” or “I have no time to cook.” Those two phrases are sometimes the difference between someone reaching their goals or falling short.

The struggle of juggling life issues ranging from finances, family, stresses, and obligations all affect cooking and the time that you have. However, cooking could be seen as more important than all of those, and without your health, you will have less ability to enjoy any of life’s struggles. Cooking foods that are not processed, that have more nutritional value can be beneficial to your health. Cooking can bring families closer together, release stress, improve health, and change people’s lives.

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In the world that we live in, everyone is busy and has less time than before. It has caused many people to skip cooking and usually causes people to go straight for the fast convenient foods. On average, people who cook tend to be healthier and more active than people who do not. This can be explained because cooking requires moving, prepping, and cleaning which keeps people active and moving.

This helps aid in burning extra calories for the day. This could be beneficial for someone who has a sedentary job or who has low activity levels throughout the day. Cooking can quickly build up a sweat and, in some individuals, can cause heavy breathing. In addition to being a calorie burner, cooking can also be used to de-stress, and can sometimes be therapeutic.

When cooking becomes absent it is common for someone to decide to eat out. This can be a disadvantage because most of the time food portions are too big and can put one in a calorie surplus. The quality of the food can also be in question. When not cooking, it is easy to sit in front of the television or the computer in a low caloric state. Cooking can ramp up your caloric burning potential. If cooking is an option, always choose that because your body, mind, and health will thank you later.

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Cook as much as you can. If you do not know how to cook, there are classes that you can learn from to build your confidence. Cooking with your family or loved ones can bring joy to your life. It can bring people together and create a culture and community. Cooking can be a stress reliever and can create a feeling of accomplishment. You a may even develop a love for it over time.

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