Total Body Workout

Kettle Bell (KB) Turkish Get-up (TGU)+windmill+ OHSQ+OH carry (25 yds.):



  • Step 1: Start in fetal position with KB on the ground, up against the shoulder
  • Step 2: Rotate on to your back bring the KB on to your body in to a position of support
  • Step 3: Using both hands, press the KB to a fully locked out position and stabilize the shoulder. Keep your eyes on the KB throughout the remainder of the movement
  • Step 4: Extend the opposite arm of the KB out to the side, and extend the opposite leg straight out
  • Step 5: Hard sit-up to the opposite (from KB) elbow, with the forearm remaining on the ground
  • Step 6: Lay the palm flat and extend the arm straight, sitting up taller
  • Step 7: Lift your hips up and pull your straight leg through, putting your knee on the ground, then take your hand off the ground and go into a “lunge” position
  • Step 8: Sand up from the lunge


  • Widen your stance if necessary. Then take your opposite hand (from KB) and trace the inside of the opposite leg until you touch the ground at the arch of your foot. You should be looking at the KB throughout the windmill and your legs should be straight, butt back, without a bend in the knees. Once you have touched the ground, stand.


  • With your feet in a squatting stance, and the KB fully locked out, with a single arm overhead, push your hips back and down. Keep the weight in your heels and drive your knees outward during both the descent and the ascent. The depth you should be trying to achieve is the hip crease below the top of the knee. Keep your arm locked out overhead throughout the overhead squat.

Overhead Carry:

  • With the weight stabilized overhead, walk 25 yards, or 12.5 yards down and back. Keep the arm locked out, active shoulders, and a tight midline.

The finish:

  • Once you have completed the overhead carry, you will finish the Turkish Get-up back to the ground in reverse order. First, go in to a backwards lunge, then place your hand on the ground, and kick your opposite leg through to the front. Put your heel down and then drop to your butt. Lay back, putting your forearm down first and then lay on to your back. Grab the KB with both hands, pull it into your body and then rotate back to the fetal position on the same side you started. Then rotate the KB, on its edge, around your head and on the ground, over to the other side.

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The Turkish Get-up is a total body movement. It is a great warm-up to stabilize the shoulders and warm-up the midline. It can help to increase overall stability, body awareness, balance, and coordination. The windmill can help with mobility, core strength, and stability and strength in the shoulder. The overhead squat helps with balance and core stability. Additionally, It challenges the trunk and hips to resist rotation and balance an uneven load. The overhead carry challenges the core and helps to improve stability in the spinal muscles, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. This is a great warm-up for high volume shoulder workouts such as snatches, overhead squats, and shoulder-to-overhead-movements.


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