X-Body Shape Tone and Firm Arm Workout

Attention Ladies… Training arms won’t make them bigger, unless that is your goal and you train for it. I talk to my female clients all the time about this. I tell them “don’t worry about not training your upper body because you think it will get bigger.” There are many ways to manipulate the body to get the desired outcome. Training your upper body isn’t a one size fits all type of program. We can manipulate rep count, tempo, weights, rest, and especially your macro nutrient intake to get the desired goal that you may have for your body. We would have to adjust these numbers according to the goals you would like to achieve. X-body Shape bicep and triceps (tone and firm) program focuses on:

  • Lifting lighter weight
  • High reps
  • Tempo can be manipulated based on exercises
  • Clean eating (meat, veggies, fat, some fruit, and little to no sugar)

The flip side to this is that if your goal is hypertrophy (increase mass), we can apply the exact opposite principles that were listed above. This means:

  • Heavier weights
  • Lower rep range
  • Slower and more controlled reps (tempo)
  • Increased macro nutrient intake.

Below is listed a sample X-body shape Tone and firm arm program:

3-4 sets 15-20 reps:

  1. DB In/Out Curls
  2. Triceps Push-Down
  3. EZ Bar Curls
  4. Bent-Over Triceps Kick Backs


  1. Lying Triceps Extension
  2. Zottman Curl

Picking the correct weights and rep ranges for your exercises make all of the difference in the stimulus and results you will receive from your workouts. If you want to increase the size of your muscles, the protocol should be heavier weights with lower repetitions. For shaping, toning and firming your muscles, the protocol should be lighter weights with higher repetitions.

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Calorie intake also plays a key role in gaining mass. If the goal is to lean out and cut, macro nutrient intake should be at a deficit compared to the amount of calories you burn. If the goal is to gain mass, macro nutrient intake should be at a surplus when compared to the amount of calories you burn. Genetics also play a role in body shape; so do not focus all of your energy trying to look like someone else. Focus on becoming the best-looking version of yourself.

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